What is iPet Companion?

iPet Companion employs cutting-edge technology, robotics and digital connectivity that allows you to play with your pets by controlling unique robotic toys located in your home with a few clicks of your mouse. A camera that captures all the fun lets you watch no-lag video of the cats as they chase, jump, pounce and grab at the robotic toys that are wired to respond instantaneously to your direction. There is even a way to interact with friends through a chat box making this a truly unique and engaging experience.


iPet Companion is available for home use with your pets. 

How does it work?

“A signal is relayed from the servers at iPet Companion to the control boxes situated within the home (located anywhere in the world) – that allows for users to see and move the toys, with minimal time lag” says Scott Harris, founder and owner Reach-In, the Idaho-based company that developed the software. He continues, "integrated into the software is dynamic adjustment of video quality, to allow for the variable download speeds that most home users experience." iPet Companion recommends a minimum of 2MB download speed in a users home for the best experience.


The technology behind iPet Companion is unique in the way it has integrated video processing, robotic control and online queue system to create the real-time program without need of any special software download. The system operates through major web browsers with the free Microsoft Silverlight plug-in installed (Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer). Currently most mobile and tablet devices do not accept the Silverlight plug-in, and as such play is not possible on these devices.


What is the price?

"For my Cat" is USD $349.95 plus postage

"For my Dog" is USD $395.00 plus postage


There is also a monthly service fee of $4.95 that subscribes the user to their interactive personal web-page. This commences at product activation, but can be stopped with 30 days notice at any time, or re-instated if required.

Included in this price is: 

  • iPet Interactive Pet Web Page (see image above) built and hosted by iPet Companion, password protected.
  • Control Box
  • High Definition Web Camera
  • 2 pet toy controllers (one rotates toy 360 degrees (great for wall or floor installation), the other 45 degrees  (ideal for corner installation)
  • Power supply and ancillary cables
  • (For My Dog ONLY: 2 Connecting Rods)

The dog version comes with a stronger internal motor and drive train, and is supplied with a connecting rod that the consumable toys attach to. An owner would purchase the toys that attach to the controllers at their local pet store.


The Home User will need to supply: 

  • Toys to attach to controllers
  • Broadband Internet Connection at toy location
  • Electrical 110v or 220v power outlet
  • Mounting Surface for each controller (these need to be secured to a surface such as wall or floor)


Installation takes about 20 minutes, and is just a matter of fixing the controllers to a stable surface and plugging in the components to power and the existing Internet service. 

Once installed in your house and connected to your Internet service, you register the equipment online, which activates your own personal webpage featuring your pet at home. This can be password protected, and also you can also set the hours when live video can be accessed for your pet to be played with. Owners can then share their password among friends and family to entertain their pet during the day or night. 


How can I buy a kit?

The iPet Companion Home Version can be purchased direct from http://www.ipetcompanion.com/buy by clicking on "BUY NOW" yellow button next to 'for my cat' or 'for my dog'. The secure checkout process accepts all major Credit Cards.

At the moment the website and checkout process is only available in English. iPet Companion Home Version can be delivered to anywhere in the world.

For more details on iPet Companion Home Version click here.

Are the robotic toys safe for young animals?
Absolutely! We’ve designed the toys to be engaging for the animals, and have already installed and tested them in Humane Societies in America. The toys provide animals with hours of safe, healthy and fun activity.


Are there other products like iPet Companion?
No. The technology that drives the iPet Companion unique in how it combines an internet-based interface to control a remote robotic device, enabling people anywhere in the world to play with animals from their computer! So far, there are no other internet-based pet toy like iPet Companion.

Is this just for cats?
No! Any animal facility could have toys adapted to suit. The Home Version kit is available for dogs as well as cats.


Do I need to install special software?
No, the iPet Companion kit does not require any special software installation. Just plug it in, load the interface on your website, and it’s good to go! iPet Companion operates through Chrome, safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer with the free Microsoft Silverlight Plug-in installed.


iPet Companion at Humane Societies

The iPet Companion for commercial use consists of two main components:

A) The iPet Companion robotic device, which connects to any standard outlet and internet connection. The hardware that ships to a facility is shown below, and as can been seen has a small footprint.

1) main black control unit : 10” (W) x 13” (L) x 3” (H)

2)  3 pet toy controllers : each 10” (W) x 5 3/4” (L) x 3 1/4” (H)

3) high-resolution camera with pan and tilt, and zoom capabilities : 8 7/8” (H) x 5 5/8” Round

B) The iPet Companion user interface, which is integrated into your website. By accessing this interface, visitors to your website can control the robotic toys from any internet-connected computer. They can even chat with other visitors via the convenient chat window!
It’s fun, easy, and is a great way to promote your facility and your animals while helping keep the animals active and happy while they await adoption! 

Is there a monthly fee?
Yes, there is a monthly service charge after the initial fee to cover the costs of hardware. Please contact sales@ipetcompanion.com for a full breakdown of costs.

How many toys are included with the iPet Companion?
Currently, three controllers for the toys are included when you install the iPet Companion kit in a professional facility. Your facility can easily attach the favorite toys of your animals to these controllers and also change them to keep it interesting for the pets.

Who is the Supplier?


About Reach In

Reach-In, formally named AprioriControl, is based out of Boise, Idaho. The first commercial installation of their technology was launched in May 2010 with the iPet Companion. The technology has been in development since 2003. Full details at www.reach-in.com

iPet Companion™ is a trademark of Apriori LLC, the legal owners of Reach-In.

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