How it Works: An Overview

iPet Companion is a pet play system that combines live web viewing with remotely controlled pet toys, for a realtime experience that allows users to move toys via the internet and play live with shelter animals available for adoption.

To interact with the animals, viewers simply access one of our live play sites, and click to play.

iPet Companion is a multi-user experience: while one person plays with shelter animals, countless others can get in line to do the same thing, in the meantime viewing the current play session live. (For visuals see videos at right and our graphic on zero-delay technology, below.) 

The best way to see iPet Companion in action is to visit our live play sites to try it for yourself. Link to our portal of live play sites via the interactive map on our homepage, or link to individual shelter sites directly from our live play portal. Let us know what you think, or ask us a question, by writing us at

iPet Companion: Powered by Zero-Delay Technology

Explained on Video:

"Pet lovers, logging on to play..." Watch for more info:

Explained on Video:

"Robots, controlled by humans, playing with kittens!" Learn more here:

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