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Welcome to the live play portal of iPet Companion. Live animal play is what iPet is all about!

CLICK ON ANY OF THE SQUARE ICONS BELOW to visit the live play pages of shelters using the iPet Companion toys to support animal advocacy and adoption. Just one click and you'll be whisk(er)ed away to a fun play date of your choosing.

These pages are also accessible by geographical location via our home page interactive map. Just click "home," scroll down to the map, and click on any orange paw for playroom access. Enjoy your visit!

Newest Playrooms:

Welcome, Candada: iPet Companion goes international!

We're pleased to announce the iPet launch of our newest iPet partner, Welland & District Humane Society in Welland, Ontario, Canada. This is the first iPet Companion system launched outside the US, and we're excited to share the news with you! Click the box below to play:

Welcome, Motley Zoo!

Check out the live play experience at Motley Zoo Animal Rescue, the newest iPet interactive site. Motley Zoo is a one-of-a-kind place (check out their site and you'll see what we mean) and is experimenting with some unique toys in their playroom, including a disco ball and a bubble machine! Please welcome this newest addition to the iPet family -- just click on the box above to join the party :)

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  • Every shelter that I go to says the kitties are resting and to come back later. Is the system down or something?

  • None of this is working for me all I get is blank white screens when I click on the above squares.

  • Welcome to Welland!  I love it!

  • no one is working :(

    • Same with me.

    • Some do, some don't!

  • two minutes is not enough time

  • This is the most satisfying thing I have ever done.

  • haha, the cats are so desensitized now. they don't even react to the toys over half the time.

  • This is Awesome :)

This reply was deleted.

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