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"What an adorable kitten, Tatiana -- thank you for posting your pic and being part of the iPet Companion Community!"
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"You're so right, Britt -- the kitties spend lots of time resting and little time playing...that's why we love having the pan and zoom on the camera, so when there's no action with the toys, at least we can zoom in and get a close up look at kitties…"
Dec 9
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Dec 9
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"Hi Susanna - nice to see you here! Hope you're doing well...hugs from the rest of the iPet crew :-)"
Nov 21
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"Hi Danielle, and welcome to the iPet Companion community! We're so glad you're here, and hope you will find some wonderful cats to play with and support. Please share iPet Companion with your friends if you like, and please, have a great time on the…"
Nov 3
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"Hi Ruthie, welcome to iPet Companion! Thanks for your support, and we hope you have a wonderful time playing with the cats. Your participation does make a difference :) Best wishes from the iPet Companion team."
Nov 3
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Oct 27
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"Kevin, thank you so much for your recommendation of House of Dreams, and for the wonderful photos of your cats. FeLV+ cats are so special, and these cats are very fortunate to have you in their lives. Thank you for the work you do, and best wishes t…"
Sep 2
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"Hi Chelly -- nice to meet you! It sounds like you have a home full of fun animals and you're taking great care of them all. Your new kitty Meeko sounds like a very lucky little guy...he obviously came to the right house :-) All of us at iPet Compani…"
Sep 1
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"House of Dreams in Portland, Oregon   (An actual house that a lovely woman bought and donated where only the cats live there full time).  Specializes in taking care of FeLV+ cats." (This shelter was posted by Kevin Congdon.)
Jun 22
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"Welcome, Skeedoodle! So nice to have you here to play with us. As for things you can do, if you have a favorite shelter that you would love to tell people about, we would love it. We're asking pets and people to tell us who is doing a wonderful job,…"
Jun 21
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"That is soooo funny! Great pic :)"
Jun 13
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"Hi Kevin, welcome to iPet Companion. Those are some great pictures you've uploaded -- looks like you've got some pretty special pet relationships. Please keep in touch and enjoy playing with the cats online. We've got a new shelter announcement comi…"
Jun 12
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"Welcome, Martin! We love your profile picture -- beautiful! Please stay in touch and have a great time playing with the cats. We've got another shelter officially launching this week, so watch for the announcement about that. Thanks so much for bein…"
Jun 12
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